Fringe Benefit Programs for Part-time Regular Faculty

Regular, part-time faculty are eligible for certain fringe benefits as follows:

1. Retirement

The date of appointment is the date for determining entry into TIAA, normally after two years of service. The percentage of contributions is the same as for full-time personnel.

2. Housing

Part-time, regular faculty members are eligible for College housing on the same basis as full-time faculty. Visiting faculty, full- or part-time, are eligible for College housing, but only after all regular faculty have been considered.

3. Insurance Coverage

Health insurance is available on a proportionate cost basis. The appointee shares the cost based on the terms of the appointment. Premium payments by the College are prorated for employees working on a part-time basis.

4. Life and Disability Insurance

The TIAA basic and optional group life insurance and long-term disability plans are available according to the terms of the current plan, as is the College's death benefit.