Faculty Appointments, Tenure, Promotions, Leaves and Terminations

1. Procedures for Academic Appointments to Tenured or Tenure-Track (Regular) Positions
2. Visiting Appointments
3. Diversity and Inclusion in Search and Appointment Procedures
4. Duration of Appointments and Procedures For Reappointments To Tenure-Track Positions
i. Duration of Initial Appointment
ii. Annual Conversation with the Chair
iii. The Meaning of Reappointment
iv. Reappointment Procedures
v. The Reappointment Schedule in Relation to the Tenure Decision
5. Tenure For Regular Full-time Members of the Faculty
i. The Meaning of Tenure
ii. The Timing of the Tenure Decision
iii. The Criteria for Tenure
iv. Procedures Followed in Tenure Decisions
6. Tenure For Regular Part-time Members of the Faculty
7. Promotion
8. Leave Policy, Fellowships, and Research And Professional Support
i. Sabbatic Leaves and Leaves of Absence
ii. Fringe Benefits during Sabbatic Leave and Leaves of Absence without Pay
iii. Leaves of Absence for Temporary Disability, Illness or Parenting
iv. Leaves of Absence for Family or Pressing Personal Reasons
v. Trustee Faculty Fellowships
vi. Miner D. Crary Summer Fellowship
vii. Miner D. Crary Sabbatical Fellowship
viii. Class of 1952 Dean Eugene S. Wilson Faculty Development Fellowship
ix. Senior Sabbatical Fellowships for Tenured Faculty
x. External Fellowships and Grants
xi. Institutional Support for Faculty Research
9. Termination, Dismissal For Cause, and Grievance Procedures
i. Termination
ii. Dismissal, suspension, demotion in rank, or deprivation of pay for cause (Voted by the Faculty, May 1995)
iii. Grievance Procedures for Members of the Faculty (Voted by the Faculty, October 1986)
iv. Resolution of Student Grievances with Members of the Faculty (Voted by the Faculty, May 1995)
v. Resolution of Faculty Grievances with Students