Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology provides a wide variety of services and facilities to faculty and students. A standard computer, printer, and a suite of software are provided to all full-time faculty, as well as to part-time faculty where appropriate. A high speed Ethernet network reaches all faculty offices and classrooms, allowing faculty to connect to systems and resources on campus, in the library, and on the Internet at large. Email accounts, web accounts, and voice mail are provided for all faculty and students. Faculty also have access to private disk storage space. There are a variety of high speed color and black-and-white printers, scanners, and other specialized devices available for use in the Computer Center on the first floor of Seeley G. Mudd Building. A telephone help desk service, answered by professional staff, is available during normal business hours at 542-2526. The college participates in purchase programs with computer vendors, which permit faculty to buy personal computers at a discount for home use.

Curricular Computing Services, also located on the first floor of the Seeley G. Mudd Building, provides support to faculty using technology in their teaching. The department runs workshops and seminars for faculty and seminars for faculty and student technology assistants on a variety of topics. Faculty are welcome to come by the Faculty Computer Research Center in the Curricular Computing Office to browse the technology reading materials or to meet with a Curricular Computing Services staff member for one-on-one consultation and project planning assistance.

Most Amherst students own their own computers.Students may buy computers at discount prices from computer vendors, either directly or through the college with the support of an interest-free college loan.

The campus-wide Ethernet network extends to all dorm rooms, allowing students to connect their computers to the Internet. All students may use college-owned computers in the Seeley G. Mudd Building; in the Computer Center 24x7 during the academic year. Students can print from their rooms to the high-speed laser printers available in the Computer Center. They also have access to the special resource room containing various scanners and specialized software.