Faculty Responsibilities, Academic Regulations, Meetings and Committees

A. Academic Regulations
1. Statement of Intellectual Responsibility (Voted by the Faculty 1966: amended April 1987)
2. Statement on Freedom of Expression and Dissent (Voted by the Faculty, 1968)
3. Statement on Respect for Persons (Voted by the Faculty, 1969)
4. Statement of Student Rights (Voted by the Faculty 1987: amended 1998)
B. Teaching and Advising
C. Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree
D. Classroom Attendance
E. The Scheduling of Courses
F. Final Examinations
G. Completion of Work; Policy on Extensions
H. Grade Deadlines
I. Special Exception for Reasons of Conscience
J. Religious Observance
K. The Honors Thesis
L. Foreign Study and Exchange Programs
M. The Cooperative Doctor of Philosophy Degree
N. Classified Research
O. Faculty Attendance and Grade Reports
P. Informing the Administration of Address Changes
Q. Outside Employment
R. Faculty Meetings
1. Attendance and Voting
2. Attendance Without Vote
3. Regular Faculty Meetings
4. Special Faculty Meetings
5. Presiding Officers
6. Quorum
7. Agenda
8. Rules of Order
9. Voting
10. Concurrence of President
11. Binding Nature of Decisions
12. Confidential Nature of Meetings
S. Committees
1. Committees of the Faculty
2. Committees of the Board of Trustees
3. Committees of the College
4. Five College Committees
T. Department and Program Reviews