Classroom Attendance

Each member of the faculty is free to state his or her policy with regard to absences. It is assumed that students will make the most of the educational opportunities available by regularly attending classes and laboratory periods. A faculty member may take such action as deemed appropriate in the event that a student disregards the announced regulations. Continued or unexplained absences should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs. If students are absent because of illness or family emergencies, they are asked to notify the office of Student Affairs.

Auditing Amherst College Courses

Those seeking to audit a course at Amherst College must obtain the permission of the faculty member who is teaching the course. The decision to accept an auditor rests solely with the faculty member, who will define and communicate the ways in which the auditor may participate in the course. All auditors must adhere to standards of the Amherst college community and should be advised to review the student code of conduct and related materials.  For details about auditing courses, including the form that must be filled out by those requesting to be an auditor, click here.