The Honors Thesis

When required as a condition of candidacy for honors, a student must submit the original copy of a typewritten or laser-printed thesis to the Registrar. To ensure archival preservation, the thesis copy to be deposited in the Archives should be on acid-free bond paper of 20 pound weight. Details of the format and materials are available from the Office of the Registrar. Theses are available to members of the Faculty for perusal until the degree meeting of the Faculty, and thereafter placed in the College Archives. The copy deposited in the Archives becomes the physical property of the College.

The literary rights, including those of publication, copying extracts, or closely paraphrasing from the manuscript, shall remain the property of the author, except that the College shall have the right to permit access by the public to any unpublished thesis at any time. The author may dispose of other manuscript copies as he or she sees fit, and may publish and copyright the thesis at any time. No photocopy or audio duplicate of the thesis in the College Archives will be permitted, except for Interlibrary Loan proposes, without the author's written consent to each request.

The purpose of these regulations is to ensure access by interested readers to all theses presented in partial fulfillment of degree requirements at Amherst College. In exceptional circumstances, access to a thesis may be restricted for a specific period of time. Restrictions will be considered only where it is thought that access could cause injury to others. A request for restriction must be endorsed by the department for which the thesis was written and by the Dean of the Faculty and submitted in writing to the Archivist of the College.