Department and Program Reviews

The faculty endorsed in 1993 a regular schedule of departmental and program reviews. Each review includes an internal self-study and an evaluation by a visiting committee, the appropriate form of which will be determined jointly by the dean of the faculty and the department. The evaluation will be sent to the president, dean of the faculty, and department.

All departments and programs at the college should undergo external reviews on a ten-year cycle or as warranted by special circumstances. External reviews are intended to allow departments and programs to review and assess their work periodically and systematically, and to help departments and the college plan for the near- and long-term future within the context of staffing and budgetary realities. These reviews, which are structured to be independent and comprehensive, have proven to be very informative. They aid departments and programs in identifying and assessing curricular needs and directions. Requests for FTEs that have been informed by external reviews are often strengthened as a result.

See external review guidelines for details.