Procedures for Academic Appointments to Tenured or Tenure-Track (Regular) Positions

At all ranks, new appointments to tenured or tenure-track positions are made by a recommendation from the president to the board of trustees, which has the final power of appointment.

For all such positions, the authorization to search requires the approval of the president or the provost and dean of the faculty, after consultation with the appropriate departments or committees and with the Committee on Educational Policy on the nature and ranking of the position. The president and/or the provost and dean of the faculty normally interview all final candidates and formulate all offers.

A faculty member may be jointly appointed to two departments, either upon joining the faculty after a formal search or as a current member of the faculty on the invitation of a second academic unit. Faculty members with such  appointments will participate as a voting member in all personnel and curricular decisions concerning their two home departments. As well,they will have the same rank and will teach regularly in both departments. All requests for changes in joint affiliations, including those for such appointments and for resignations, will be directed to the provost and dean of the faculty who will ask for the department's advice before making a change in appointment.

Recommendations for all appointments at the level of assistant professor, associate professor, and professor originate with the department or the committee responsible and are discussed by the chair of the department with the provost and dean of the faculty or the president. An appointment at the associate professor level may be made with or without tenure.

To the extent possible, the college’s regular tenure procedures are followed for appointments at the level of professor or associate professor with tenure (voted by the faculty, April 26, 2022).