Faculty Handbook


The purpose of the Faculty Handbook is to provide all members of the faculty, particularly those who are new to Amherst, with knowledge of the policies, regulations, practices, and expectations that prevail at Amherst College. The various provisions of this handbook are subject to revision from time to time by the trustees, administration, and faculty on their own initiative or in response to changes in state and federal legislation.

The provisions of this handbook derive their authority from various sources; they are primarily statements by the administration of customary practice, administrative organization, or explicit policy established at the college, often after consultation with the faculty. The committees of the faculty and the academic requirements of the college are voted by the faculty. Fringe benefit provisions and the conditions of employment are derived from actions taken by the Board of Trustees. The description of college facilities and other general information are provided as helpful addenda. Provisions of the handbook, whether derived from trustee vote, faculty vote, or administrative or trustee action are subject to modification or revocation by the appropriate authority following proper procedure. No such change will be retroactive.

Any questions concerning information given in this handbook should be addressed to:

Dean of the Faculty
Amherst College 
P.O. Box 5000
Amherst, MA 01002-5000