Grants and Allowances

1. Requests for travel advances or reimbursements for purposes approved by the College through the Dean of the Faculty's Office should be made to the Comptroller's Office. Receipts for all expenses for which reimbursement is sought must be submitted to the office.

2. Faculty requesting advances for grants received in the Amherst College Faculty Research Award Program (FRAP) may receive no more than one half of the total funds awarded in advance of undertaking their research project. Once that amount is accounted for, the Comptroller's Office will advance the balance of the amount awarded. In exceptional circumstances, the Dean of the Faculty may waive this requirement.

3. Faculty Entertainment Allowance. An allowance not to exceed $200 per faculty member per year is available for entertaining students. The Campus Center and Lewis Sebring Commons provide space especially for this purpose. In addition to being able to sign in students at the Lewis Sebring Commons, members of the faculty are entitled to six free meals each semester at Valentine (thirteen for faculty teaching First-Year Seminars) simply by presenting their Amherst College I.D. Card to the meal checker. Vouchers requesting advances and/or reimbursements for entertainment of students should be submitted in a timely fashion to the Comptroller's Office, and must be submitted within the fiscal year in which the expense was incurred.

NOTE: Requests for cash advances for any of these purposes must be made to the Comptroller's Office at least five working days prior to planned use of funds. Receipts for all expenditures must be submitted within two weeks of their disbursement to the Comptroller's Office. Similarly, Faculty seeking reimbursement for authorized expenditures must submit receipts for all items for which reimbursement is sought.