• Tenure-Track Faculty
    Evaluation procedures for tenure-track faculty are described in the Faculty Handbook in section III.D.2, Annual Conversation with the Chair, and in section III.D.4, Reappointment Procedures. Each department designs a form in essay format appropriate to its subject matter. It may be helpful to ask the chair for a copy of that form early in the semester. At the time of a faculty member's reappointment, retrospective letters will also be solicited from all the students he or she has taught at Amherst. Visiting faculty members are encouraged to arrange with their chairs, early in the semester, how, if at all, they want to be evaluated by students.
  • Tenured Faculty
    As noted in the Faculty Handbook, on behalf of the faculty, written evaluations will be solicited from students in each course taught by a tenured faculty member. These responses will remain anonymous. Students will not be able to submit a response after they have seen their final grades for the course; faculty members will not be able to see the responses until after final grades have been submitted. An automated system of response solicitation will direct students to an online evaluation form that offers a default template of questions (periodically reviewed by the Committee on Educational Policy) that will be customizable by each member of the faculty. All student comments will remain confidential, will be at the complete disposal of, and will be accessible only by the faculty member for whom the evaluations have been solicited.