Requesting a Sabbatic Leave or Leave of Absence

All faculty members planning leaves in either or both semesters are asked to discuss their intentions with their department chairs before submitting leave requests. This will help departments with curricular planning. Instead of sending the dean your written leave request, we now ask that you complete the online Request for Sabbatic Leave. Please submit this form by November 1. Please submit the form even if your plans are still tentative, or if you are deferring your leave. 

We also ask that you submit proposals for fellowships electronically.   Fellowship proposals are due by November 1.  Please use the following proposal forms:

Senior Sabbatical Fellowship Proposal form

Tenure-Track Faculty Fellowship Proposal form

Any faculty member who wishes to submit his or her proposal before the due date is encouraged to do so.

For more information regarding sabbaticals and fellowships, please see the Leave Policy, Fellowships, Research and Professional Support page on the Dean of Faculty Website.

Faculty Handbook, Leave Policy