There are two ways in which Amherst faculty are eligible to use the resources of, and apply for funding from, the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. First, they may apply to the programs of the Folger Institute, a center for advanced study of which the College is a consortium member. The Institute offers seminars, conferences, and colloquia in fields represented in the Folger Library collections. Amherst faculty who wish to participate in these programs may apply for admission and grants-in-aid. For current offerings and application guidelines and deadlines, consult or contact the consortium representative.

Second, the Folger Shakespeare Library offers a limited number of residential fellowships for which Amherst faculty may apply. The two annual competitions are international in scope and are of two types: long-term (six to nine months) and short-term (one to three months). The deadline for long-term fellowships typically falls on November 1 of the preceding academic year, and the deadline for short-term fellowships on March 1.  For more information, consult the Folger Research Fellowships, visit or contact the Folger's Fellowships Administrator, Carol Brobeck at