Please note: All new faculty members will be offered the opportunity to visit the college.  Amherst will provide reimbursement for the expenses of the faculty member and an accompanying spouse or partner as follows: fees for up to three nights’ accommodation, airfare or other travel expenses, a rental car, and meals. 

1.  Prior to and/or during Campus Visit  

Offer new faculty members the opportunity to visit colleagues’ classes.

Offer new faculty members the opportunity to meet with colleagues in the Center for Teaching and Learning and other instructional support staff, as appropriate.

Inquire if new colleagues would like information about schooling, housing, religious affiliation, or any other personal matter.  Identify colleagues and administrative offices that may be good resources around these matters.

2.  Prior to New Colleagues Arriving at the College

Discuss with new faculty members the courses that they will teach.

Describe workload for courses in the department.

Share sample syllabi from the department.

Vet course descriptions prior to submission to the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP).

Provide deadlines for the submission of course materials to the academic department coordinator (ADC).

Give new colleagues information about average grades and grading expectations at Amherst, in the department, and in particular courses.

Academic department coordinators (ADCs) provide assistance with the following for new faculty: securing an I.D.,  keys, building access, a parking pass, computer set-up, furniture arrangement, a mailbox, a telephone, and copier and printer access.  If your ADC has not completed a task above, or if you have any questions, please contact Alice Simmoneau

 3.  The First Few Days: Introduction to the Campus

Walk with new colleagues around the building in which they have an office and introduce them to staff and faculty members.

Take new colleagues to Lewis-Sebring and explain the meal program.

Describe the ADC’s role and responsibilities.

Describe all services that the department provides to faculty.

Connect new colleagues with faculty members beyond the department.

Connect them with colleagues at Amherst.

Connect them with colleagues in the Five Colleges. 

Host a social gathering for new colleagues and their families.

4.  Convey Expectations around Department and Faculty Meetings

Department meetings

Explain time, place, and frequency of department meetings.

Discuss the norms and procedures that guide department meetings.

Describe the responsibilities that are carried out by department members.

Faculty Meetings

Provide information about the time, place, and frequency of faculty meetings.

Remind new colleagues that the provost’s office offers an introduction to faculty meeting every year before the first substantive faculty meeting.

Emphasize obligation to attend faculty meetings (and that faculty members are expected to contact the provost if they are unable to attend).