New Faculty 2022—2023

Ahmad Alswaid, lecturer in Arabic language.  B.A. (2007) Tishreen University; M.A. (2011) Portland State University; M.A. (2016), Ph.D. (2020) Cornell University.

Daniella C. Bardalez Gagliuffi, assistant professor of astronomy.  B.S. (2011) Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S. (2013), Ph.D. (2017) University of California, San Diego.

Andrew Bell, visiting assistant professor of history.  B.A. (2011) University of Northern Iowa; M.A. (2014) Purdue University, Ph.D. (2020) Boston University. 

Ohan Breiding, artist-in-residence.  B.A. (2006) Scripps College; M.F.A. (2012) California Institute for the Arts.

Monika Brodnicka, visiting assistant professor of French and religion.  B.A. (1996) Loyola University; M.A. (2000) University of New York; Ph.D. (2007) Binghamton University.

Naveen Choudhury, visiting assistant professor of theater and dance.  B.A. University of Maryland; M.F.A The New School.

Emily Drummer, visiting assistant professor of art and the history of art.  B.A. (2013) Hampshire College; (2018) M.F.A. University of Iowa.

Christopher Elliott, visiting assistant professor of mathematics. B.A. (2009), M.A. (2010) University of Cambridge; Ph.D. (2016) Northwestern University. 

Ludmila Ferrari, visiting assistant professor of Spanish.  B.F.A (2005) Universidad Nacional del Arte; M.A. (2008) Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; Ph.D. (2020) University of Michigan. 

Kentaro Fukube, visiting lecturer in Japanese language.  B.A. (2009) Kansai University; M.Ed. (2016) University of Wollongong.

*Brian House, assistant professor of art.  B.A. (2002) Columbia University; M.A. (2016); Ph.D. (2018) Brown University. 

Niek Janssen, visiting assistant professor of classics.  B.A. (2011), M.A. (2014) Radboud University; Ph.D. (2021) Yale University. 

Jungeun Kim, visiting assistant professor of theater and dance.  B.A. (2004) Hansung University; M.F.A. (2006), M.A. (2009) Hollins University. 

*Lucia Monge, assistant professor of art.  B.F.A (2008) Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú; M.F.A. (2015) Rhode Island School of Design

María Daniela Narváez Burbano, visiting lecturer in Spanish.  B.A. (2014) Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador; M.Phil. (2017), Ph.D. (2023 expected) University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Victoria Nguyen, postdoctoral fellow and visiting assistant professor of anthropology (tenure-track appointment to begin in a future academic year).  B.A. (2007) McGill University; M.A. (2011) University of Toronto; Ph D. (2020) University of Chicago. 

Jaeyoon Park, postdoctoral fellow and visiting assistant professor of political science (tenure-track appointment to begin in a future academic year).  B.A. (2016) University of Virginia; M.A. (2019), Ph.D. (2022) University of California at Berkeley.

Luke P. Parker, visiting assistant professor of Russian.  B.A. (2008) University of Oxford; Ph.D. (2014) Stanford University. 

Lillian C. Pentecost, assistant professor of computer science.  B.A. (2016) Colgate University; S.M. (2019), Ph.D. (2022) Harvard University.

Frank Leon Roberts, assistant professor of English.  B.A. (2004) New York University; M.A. (2005) New York University; M.A. (2017) Yale University; Ph D. (2020) New York University.

Jonas Rosenbrück, assistant professor of German.  B.A. (2014) Yale University; Ph.D. (2020) Northwestern University.

Raffeal Sears, visiting assistant professor of theater and dance.  M.F.A. (2018) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Alexander M. Semyonov, John J. McCloy ’22 Visiting Professor of history.  B.A. (1997) Ivanovo State University; M.A. (1998) Central European University; Ph.D. (2006) Central European University. 

Nica Siegel, visiting assistant professor of law, jurisprudence, and social thought.  A.B. (2014) Amherst College; Ph.D. (2021) Yale University. 

Scott A. Smitson, visiting professor of political science and Chamberlain Project fellow.  B.A. (2000) Ohio State University; M.A. (2010), Ph.D. (2012) Indiana University at Bloomington.

Dylan J. Schneider, visiting assistant professor of music.  A.B. (2006) Amherst College; Ph.D. (2013) University of Chicago.

Suruchi Thapar-Björkert, STINT fellow in sexuality, women’s and gender studies.  B.A. (1986) Delhi University; M.A. (1988), M. Phil. (1990) Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; M.Phil (1991) University of Cambridge; Ph.D. (1997) University of Warwick.

Cheikh A. Thiam, visiting professor of English and Black studies.  B.A. (1999) University Cheikh Anta Diop; M.A. (2003) University of Provence; M.A. (2004) Binghamton University; Ph.D. (2007) Binghamton University. 

Daniel van Wyk, visiting assistant professor of mathematics.  B.A. (2005), B.A. (2008), M.A. (2013) University of Pretoria; Ph.D. (2017) University of Otago.

Juan C. Vasquez Carmona, visiting assistant professor of physics.  B.Sc. (2010), Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela; Diploma (2012), Ph.D. (2016), International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy.

Gilles Verniers, Karl Loewenstein Fellow and visiting assistant professor of political science.  B.A. (2000) University of St. Louis, Brussels; M.A. (2004) Catholic University of Louvain; M.Phil. (2005); Ph.D. (2016) Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

Victor Yang, visiting assistant professor of English and Consortium for Faculty Diversity post-doctoral fellow.  B.A. (2012) Harvard College; M.A. (2013), Ph.D. (2016) University of Oxford; M.F.A. (2021) Boston University. 

Aisha Yusuf, visiting assistant professor of economics.  B.A. (2012) American University of Nigeria; M.A. (2016) University of Texas at San Antonio; Ph.D. (2022) George Mason University. 

Li Zhang, assistant professor of sociology and environmental studies.  B.A. (2009) Henan Normal University; M.A. (2012) Beijing Normal University; Ph.D. (2019) China Agricultural University.

*Starting in spring 2023.