Inclusive Pedagogies

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eighty faculty and forty instructional staff attended the first annual Dean’s Retreat whose focus was on Inclusive Pedagogies involving the following topics:

  • High school and college student populations today: What has changed nationally?
  • Creating inclusive and engaging classroom environments for all students
  • Talking about race, class, gender, and other difficult topics in the classroom
  • Incorporating inclusive practices in STEM courses

Dean's Retreat Recordings

Click the titles below to watch the videos. Full video here. Amherst login may be required.

Buffy Aries profile photo
Buffy Aries
    • Buffy  (Amherst College) spoke about student experiences of race and class at Amherst College.


Christopher Bjork
Christopher Bjork profile photo
    • Christopher (Vassar College) addressed K-12 school policy and its impacts on a new generation of college students.


Margery Ginsberg profile photo
Margery Ginsberg
    • Margery's (University of Illinois at Chicago) keynote was about a framework for fostering intrinsic motivation.

Presenters' and Facilitators' Profiles

Margery Ginsberg (University of Illinois at Chicago), Stephen John Quaye (Miami University Ohio), Jacqueline Smith (UMass Amherst), Buffy Aries (Amherst College), and Christopher Bjork (Vassar College).