Field Trips: A Guide for Faculty

Faculty interested in taking students off campus for college-sponsored travel, e.g., class trips or conference attendance, should follow the steps below. (College-sponsored travel is any travel that is funded, credited, and/or arranged by the college.) These same steps are required for academic departments interested in supporting students in college-sponsored activities. 

  1. For overnight field trips, please complete this form on the 5CRM website at least two weeks in advance of the activity. The appropriate online form will be created for you to distribute to your students. For trips that are required, i.e., expected as part of the syllabus, an informed consent form will be created. For voluntary trips, a waiver will be created. Trip leaders will be contacted by 5CRM when the online form is ready to share with students and 5CRM will keep these forms on record.
  2. For overnight field trips, please have each student complete an additional special acknowledgement of risk form (International Travel or U.S. Travel). The sponsoring department can hold these forms or they can be shared with GEO. A list of students participating in the field trip should be sent to the Zara DiZoglio in Student Affairs. 

Please note: Instructors should give advance notice when a course has required events, such as field trips, evening exams, and film screenings, which occur outside the course's scheduled meeting time. If possible, notice should appear in the course description (e.g., “this course requires occasional attendance on Wednesday evenings”), but in any event should be announced on the first day of class. Instructors cannot require students to participate in a field trip that meets outside the course's scheduled meeting time if the trip conflicts with other classes, and participation cannot be required if the field trip has not been announced on the first day of class. Because students cannot change their first-year seminars, instructors of first-year seminars can recommend but not require participation in a field trip that meets outside the scheduled class time.

Please complete this form for modest requests for funding for field trips.

For additional information on how to reserve college vehicles and auto insurance and accident reporting, visit the Transportation Services & Vehicle Registration page. 

Questions? Contact Janna Behrens in the Office of Global Education.

Faculty-Led Field Trips FAQs