Course Scheduler Information & Directions

The Course Scheduler ( lets anyone search the Amherst course catalog. You don't need to be logged in to simply search for courses.

Logged-in users can take advantage of all the features the Course Scheduler, which lets you create and save course schedules. You have multiple ways to add courses to a schedule as well as the ability to block out time for personal items (job hours, practice times, etc.) and to create "dummy" courses to stand in for any Five College courses you are planning to take. The Course Scheduler also make it easy to transfer a roster of courses to your Preferred Courses list in the Online Registration system via the Copy to AC Data link.

Students can also share schedules with their advisors (the permissions can also be rescinded); rename and delete schedules; and easily switch between different schedules

For more detailed directions on using the Course Scheduler and choosing courses please see the following: