Add a Five-College Course to Your Schedule

If you plan to take a Five-College course you can include a "placeholder" course in your schedule. Doing so has two advantages:

  • The placeholder course helps you avoid scheduling Amherst courses that would conflict with the Five College course.
  • TheĀ placeholder course is included in the list of courses you copy into the online registration system, thus ensuring that the list of courses on your Preferred Courses page includes a properly-formatted placeholder for your Five-College course.

To add a Five College course, click the "Add Five College Course" tab.

screeshot of add a five college course

From the College menu, select the school where you will take the course.

From the Course menu, select the type of course you plan to take. You can take four different types of courses:

  • Regular Credit: equivalent to a standard Amherst course
  • Half Credit: equivalent to an Amherst half course
  • Double Credit: equivalent to two standard Amherst courses
  • No Grade: a non-credit course

In addition, because Amherst students can take up to equivalent of two regular courses at the other Five Colleges in any one semester, the Course Scheduler also lets you specify:

  • Regular Credit 2: specify the second regular course you will take at a particular school
  • Half Credit 2: specify the second half course you will take at a particular school.

For example, if you plan to take two regular courses at Mount Holyoke you'd add one Mount Holyoke Regular Credit course and one Mount Holyoke Regular Credit 2 course to your schedule. If you plan to take one regular course at Mount Holyoke and another at UMass, you'd add a Mount Holyole Regular Credit course and a UMass Regular Credit course to your schedule.

You can optionally add scheduling information for a Five-College course; just be sure to build in travel time to and from the other institution. Note that if the course has an irregular schedule or includes a lab or discussion section, you can add those items to your schedule on the Add Personal tab.

Click Add to add the Five College course to your schedule.