Copy to AC Data

After you have completed your schedule, you can easily move the course information to the online registration system in AC Data.

First, click on the List tab to open the list of courses on your schedule.

A list of your courses will be displayed.  Underneath the list, there is a link titled "Copy to AC Data." Click it.

A text box will appear.

  screenshot of copy to acdata

Click on the text in the box to select it, then copy the contents of the box. (How you copy depends upon the browser and/or operating system you are using, though with Windows you can always copy selected text by pressing Ctrl-C. With a Mac, press Cmd-C.)

Now, on your Preferred Courses page in ACDATA, paste your list of courses into the Copy from Course Scheduler box by clicking in the box and pressing Ctrl-V (Windows) or Cmd-V (Mac).