Add courses to your schedule

There are two ways to add courses to a schedule.  The first way is to search for courses, and the second is to select from courses that meet at a specific time by clicking on any of the "find" links in the schedule grid.

Adding courses via Search

First, choose the "Find and Add Courses" tab. You'll find a form that lets you search for courses based on subject, course title, course number, professor, day, and time. 


The items available to refine your search are: 

Subject: select a specific academic department or subject area (Biology, European Studies, etc.)
Keywords: Select one of the ten CEP-defined keywords and your search will return courses to which the keywords apply.
Title/Description: returns courses where the text of the course title or description contains a match to all of the search terms you enter
Course Number: select a specific course number; usually used in conjunction with a specific subject area
Old Course Number: same as above, but using the old (pre-Fall 2011) course numbering system
Faculty name: enter the first, last, or partial name of an Amherst instructor
Day: returns courses that meet on the day you select.
Time: This one is tricky; select a just one time (either "between" or "and") and you'll get a list of courses that overlap with the time you selected. Select two times and you'll get a list of courses that overlap with EITHER time you selected.

The search criteria you enter are additive, so you can search the Fall 2011 semester for courses in Sociology that meet on Tuesday.

You can also modify your search results using the three checkboxes:
"Show all courses, including ones that have no specified time" returns courses such as special topics and senior honors that don't have defined meeting times. Uncheck this box to suppress these courses in your search results.
"Show all courses, including ones that conflict with the current schedule or personal events" is checked by default so your search results show all courses that meet your criteria. You can uncheck it if you don't want to see results that conflict with items already in your schedule. 
"Show related courses, if applicable" will return courses officially designated as related courses to the subject area you have selected in the Subject drop-down.

To view the courses that match your criteria, click the Search button. To clear your current criteria, click Clear.
Clicking Search brings up a list of classes that meet your criteria. A search using the criteria in the screen above returns the following:

Clicking on the Title of a course opens a pop-up box with a course description, while clicking on Faculty opens a pop-up box with a faculty profile, picture, and contact information.  To add a course to the current schedule from your search results, click on the add link to the right of the course.

This brings you back to the List tab, where the course you added is both in your list of classes and displayed in the schedule grid.

Adding courses via the "find" links in the schedule grid

The second way to add courses is to use the "find" links in the schedule itself.


Locate a day and time you want to take a class and click on the find link for that day and time.  For instance, if I wanted to take a course on Monday at 10:00 AM, I would choose the link in the intersection of  the Monday column and the 10:00 AM row.
Clicking on the find link opens a pop-up window with a list of all courses offered at the time you chose. 
Note that these classes don't necessarily begin at the time you chose--rather, they happen during that time period. For example, clicking the find link for 10:00 AM Monday would return courses that either begin are are continuing at that time.
Within the pop-up box, you may click on class names and the professor to read more detailed descriptions.  To return to the original search results, click the back button in the upper-right hand corner of the pop-up box.
Once you have decided on a course, click the add button to the left of the course listing. This will bring you back to the List view, where you can see that your course has been added to your schedule.

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