Allow Another User to See Your Schedule

The Course Scheduler gives you the option to allow other users on the Amherst network to see your schedule. The schedule you want to share must be the one you currently have loaded.

First, click on the Settings tab.

Under the heading "Who can view or edit this schedule," you have two options: to allow a group to access your schedule, or to allow an individual to do so. 
To add a group, click on the "Add..." button.  This opens a pop-up window with a listing of the various permission groups defined on the Amherst website. Browse to find the group of your choosing, and click select to give that group permission to see and edit your schedule. You can delete or replace this group's permissions at any time.
Note: You will likely never use Group permissions in the course scheduler. Unlike most areas on the website, the scheduler is one place where individual permissions make more sense than group permissions.
To allow an individual to view and edit your schedule, begin typing his or her name (last name first) into the text box under "Add a user." Once you've entered enough of the name to differentiate the individual from all other Amherst users, select his or her name from the drop-down list. Clicking on the person's name adds them to the list of people who can see your schedule. 
screenshot of sharing a schedule
Once complete, remember to click the Save button to save your changes.