Open an existing schedule

When you access the Course Scheduler the links you see depend upon whether you have created any schedules previously or whether someone else has given you permissions to view their schedules.

If you haven't created any schedules and you don't have permissions to view anyone else's schedule, you see a single link: Create a new schedule.

If you have schedules you've created previously or if someone has given you permission to view their schedules, you'll see two links: Choose a schedule and Create a new schedule

And if you're already working with an existing schedule, you'll see three links:
  screenshot: choose another schedule
When you select "Choose a schedule" or "Choose another schedule" you open a pop-up window where you can choose the schedule you want to work with.  You can choose to view someone else's schedule (Others') or you can select one of your own (Mine). 
In the case of schedules you created, choose the term and then the name of the schedule you want.  If you are opening a schedule someone has shared with you, you choose the term, then the person, then the name of the schedule. This will close the pop-up window and open the schedule you chose.
  screenshot of choose schedule
The schedule opens on the List tab, where you can see the courses and personal items you've added at the top and a block view of your schedule below.
  screenshot of opened schedule