FIVE COLLEGE LANGUAGE OFFERINGS – Advising Information for Fall 2018

1)     The Five College Language Portal lists ALL languages offered among the Five Colleges with links to the offering department or program. There are over 60 languages offered in the consortium.  Here is a link to the portal:

2)     The Five College Center for the Study of World Languages offers courses in over 40 less-commonly studied languages.  Course details and registration instructions are online here:

Comprehensive “mentored” courses covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills are offered for:






American Sign Language:  Intermediate ASL IIIA, High Intermediate ASL A, and Advanced ASL A will be offered in Fall 2018 through the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages with sessions meeting at Hampshire College.  American Sign Language I will be offered at Hampshire College and at UMass.


Arabic dialect courses in Levantine, Moroccan and Egyptian are offered for students who have taken at least one-year of Modern Standard Arabic.  Well-prepared students who will be concurrently enrolled in the spring semester of a 100-level Arabic course that includes speaking practice in formal spoken Arabic or in a dialect may be permitted to enroll in Levantine Arabic I in the spring semester.


Supervised Independent study courses focusing on oral skills development are offered in:

               Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic,  Bangla/Bengali, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, Filipino/Tagalog, Finnish, Georgian, Modern Greek, Haitian Creole, Hungarian, Indonesian, Modern Irish, Lao, Macedonian, Malay, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian,  Pashto, Romanian, Sinhala, Thai, Tibetan, Twi, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Wolof, Yoruba, Zulu (NOTE:  course availability is limited in some languages; not all languages are available every semester; other languages may be added; sometimes language availability changes)


 FAQ about Five College Center for the Study of World Language Courses           

How does a student register?  All languages offered by the center require submission of a brief application. Depending upon the language, students also either complete an online orientation tutorial or schedule an interview/conversation about how the course will work. When students are admitted, students sign a learning contract. The center enters UMass student registrations directly into SPIRE.  Students from the four colleges receive a signed instructor permission form from the center and do a Five College request for the course through their campus online registration system. (The campus for the request is UMass; the department is “Five College Center for the Study of World Languages”. ) Application details are online here:


 When and where do sessions meet? Courses meet across all five campuses. For most courses, students will submit schedule information after registering and will be assigned permanent session times and locations that work with their schedules.   ASL courses have pre-scheduled times assigned. Those times are listed under the course descriptions on our website:


What is the course format? Five College Center for the Study of World Language courses are offered using one-on-one tutorials and small group conversation sessions. The session formats vary by language.  Each course has an established syllabus; mentored courses also have detailed study guides. Some students choose to work faster than the assigned syllabus  in order to meet personal goals. This is fine and can be discussed with the program director.


What if a student already has experience with the language to be studied? File an application and the program director will be in touch to arrange for placement in an appropriate course.


The online course catalog only shows lower-level courses in a certain language, do you offer higher-level courses?  For many languages, the center can arrange intermediate and advanced courses on a case by case basis. Students who need something other than what is listed online should contact center staff about options for their language. The earlier such contact is made, the more likely we are to be able to arrange a course.  


Is there a fee for taking these courses?  Enrollment for these courses is covered by regular tuition for all students in the consortium who are matriculated for a degree. There are no special course fees. Students enroll in these courses in the same way as for other academic courses in the Five College Consortium.

Please do not hesitate to contact Amy Wordelman with questions.  Additionally, Hayley Culver and Theo Hull are also available to help. You can reach them by phone at 413-542-5264 or email at  You can also stop by the center in downtown Amherst at 79 South Pleasant St. (right beside Collective Copies; the B43, 31, and 38 buses stop directly in front of the center).