Five-College Interchange Registration

Information for Students from the Other Institutions

FOR TEMPORARY MOODLE ACCESS CLICK HERE  Note: Moodle access is for the host school only.  The program does not communicate across campuses.  Your home school access name and password will not work with Amherst's Moodle program.

Amherst College students click here

Five College students will be registered on a space-available basis.  Pre- Registration in many courses is tentative and may not be confirmed until the first week of class, especially for courses with enrollment limits stated in their descriptions.   If you are pre-registered in a limited course and have not been dropped before the first class you must attend the first class to find out if you will remain on the roster.  Some faculty of limited courses may wait until the first class to determine their final rosters.  If you have been dropped before the first class you do not need to attend the first class.

Interchange students may not enroll in more than two courses per semester at Amherst College. 

An interchange student enrolling in a special topics course at Amherst College must obtain the signatures of the instructor and the department chair on an Amherst College special topics form, which is also available at the Amherst College Registrar's Office. The signed form must be submitted to the Amherst College Registrar's Office.

An interchange student who wishes to take an Amherst College course on the pass/fail grading option must obtain a pass/fail application from the Amherst College Registrar's Office, secure the instructor's signature, and return the form to the Amherst College Registrar's Office by the end of the Amherst College add/drop period. No exceptions will be made to this deadline. Only one course may be taken on a pass/fail basis per semester.

Please note that although the rules of the host institution must be followed in order to register the course pass/fail, the student must still abide by the home school's rules on the limit and content of courses taken on a pass/fail basis.

Music lessons are open to Amherst College students only.

Five College Meal Exchange  Information regarding meals at the other colleges can be found here. 

Course information can be found on the Amherst College Course Scheduler (Please note: you do not need to login to look for courses) and the Five College Course Catalog, both of which show course descriptions, meeting times, and instructors, when available.  Course locations will be posted on the Course Scheduler shortly before the beginning of the semester (click on a course and open the 'course times and location' at the bottom of the description), and the Examination Schedule will be posted by the end of the fourth or fifth week of the semester.

Transcripts are maintained by the student's home school.  There is not a separate transcript for courses taken at another college.  The courses are generally coded in such a way to indicate which college hosted the class: A=Amherst, H=Hampshire, M=Mt. Holyoke, S=Smith, U=UMass.

The Registrar's Office is located in Room 101 of Converse Hall, which is the building on the southeast corner of the intersection of Route 9 and Route 116.  The Five College bus stop is just a few feet down the street from Converse, adjacent to the parking lot. PVTA  buses run every twenty minutes from this bus stop during the academic year. 

Please note that there is no on-campus parking available to Five College students during the school day.  Any Five College student who needs to use a car should park in the 2-hour metered spots along Boltwood Avenue or in the parking garage in the center of Amherst, off of Main Street.