Half Courses and Permission Requirement Policy

Changes to the policy were instituted with the pre-registration period in spring 2019.  Students are required to fill out and submit the Permission form in order to take 3.5 courses following a previous semester of 4.5 classes but the combination of half courses has changed. You may match music lessons, theater and dance courses, as well as some science labs as described below.  The policy remains that two half course language sections can be "matched" as long as they are the same language. If you have questions please email registrar@amherst.edu.  Note that for music majors, half course music classes must match.  Questions regarding music major requirements should be directed to the music department and will require use of the permission form.

Additionally, because more departments have agreed to match disparate half courses, students may take 3 full courses and two half courses with permission of their class dean and advisor using the permission form noted above.  The total of half courses for credit is no more than four for the student's academic career.  Students may take more than four half courses but they won't count as part of their overall course totals.  Students must finish their degree requirements with a minimum of 31 classes (with their class dean's and registrar's approval) which can be a combination of 29 or 30 full classes, and four half classes.

Beginning in the Fall 2019 semester, the Biology, Chemistry  and Physics and Astronomy departments will offer some laboratory courses for half course credit, when taken concurrently with the main lecture offering. Students should plan on registering for one and one-half courses for these lectures with lab. The Biology and Chemistry departments will match all of the following half courses in any combination except in the first semester of a student’s first year: BIOL-181L, BIOL-191L, CHEM-151L, CHEM-155L, CHEM-161L, CHEM-221L, CHEM-231L, and any half courses offered by departments that permit them to be matched with Biology and Chemistry half course labs.The Physics department will give half course credit for the following laboratory courses: PHYS-116L, PHYS-117L, PHYS-123L, PHYS-124L and PHYS-125L as well as ASTR-200L.

Students may elect one or two half courses in addition to four full courses at their discretion and without additional permission of the class dean. All students wishing to register for four full courses and two half courses should contact the Office of the Registrar with their request as, at this time, AC Data will not allow students to make this change through the online program.

More Information on half courses can be found in the College Catalog.