Explore Your Academic Interests

There are many potential fields and disciplines to explore at Amherst.  Follow the links below to begin learning about the different disciplines and approaches to liberal learning.

IB, AP, and College Courses

If a student has taken International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement or college courses during secondary school, we view this as significant evidence of academic accomplishment and preparation.  In addition, some Amherst departments will allow a student to forego introductory level courses in areas in which rigorous work has already been completed. However, we do not accept such courses for credit or advanced standing.

Health Professions Advising:

Professor William Loinaz (chair of Health Professions Committee) and Dean Richard Aronson (Health Professions Advisor) are available to consult with students and academic advisors on their questions about the preparation for a career in the health professions.  Appointments can be arranged over zoom, phone, or email.

For Faculty

Students will be asked to submit their saved course schedule prior to their advising meeting.  This semester please approve additional courses as backups for courses students may be dropped from during the new Roster Management week held the week prior to Second Round Registration.

  • They are expected to meet with their advisor(s) in person unless they are on leave.
  • Once you agree on a schedule, you must give your online approval so that the student may finalize their schedule during pre-registration. 
  • Remember that after meeting with you, the student must register their saved Schedule via Workday to be officially enrolled.  Note, too, that students returning next semester from educational leave or voluntary withdrawal will be in touch with you via email.  You will need to give them permission via the online program.

Helpful Hints:

  • Students must have online (Workday) instructor approval if they are planning to enroll in an instructor permission-required course.
  • Students should be sure to include all co-requisites of a course on their saved schedule.
  • Be sure to check pre-requisites when advising, the system is checking some pre-requisites. If a student receives a message that they have failed to meet a pre-requisite, they should follow the instructions for obtaining instructor permission for that course.
  • The Advising and Registration page contains additional information. Please be aware that a valid Amherst College login is required.
  • The Committee on Educational Policy has asked that both students and faculty be made aware of the following statement:

We encourage students and faculty to avoid the crush of the last days of pre-registration week. We ask faculty to post a sign-up sheet, listing times they are available to meet with advisees.  We encourage students to think about their next semester schedule as soon as possible so that they can meet with their advisors before the final day.

Committee on Education Policy- May 5, 1982.