As of 8/30/19 8:00 AM

Closed Courses by Title
Dept/Number Title
ECON-111-04 An Intro to Economics
BLST-307-01 Apartheid
LJST-206-01 Apartheid
AMST-372-01 Asian American History
PSYC-354-01 Close Relationships
NEUR-361-01 Consciousness
PSYC-361-01 Consciousness
PSYC-208-01 Creativity
ENGL-470-01 Decolonial Love
ENGL-172-01 Detective Fiction
BIOL-221-01 Developmental Biology
PSYC-227-01 Developmental Psychology
BIOL-201-01 Disease Ecology
ECON-207-01 Econ and Psychology
ECON-223-01 Economics of Migration
HIST-444-01 Ethnic Cleansing in Hist
ENGL-226-01 Fiction Writing I
ECON-420-01 Game Theory & Applicatn
AMST-358-01 Indigenous Amer Epics
ENGL-458-01 Indigenous Amer Epics
ECON-218-01 Inequality in the U.S.
PSYC-224-01 Intergroup Dialog Race
MATH-121-02 Intermediate Calculus
MATH-121-03 Intermediate Calculus
STAT-230-01 Intermediate Statistics
STAT-230-02 Intermediate Statistics
POSC-219-01 Intro American Politics
COSC-111-02 Intro Computer Science I
MATH-355-02 Intro to Analysis
ECON-265-01 Intro to Financial Econ
MATH-135-01 Intro to Stat Modeling
MATH-135-02 Intro to Stat Modeling
MATH-135-04 Intro to Stat Modeling
STAT-135-01 Intro to Stat Modeling
STAT-135-02 Intro to Stat Modeling
STAT-135-04 Intro to Stat Modeling
MATH-111-02 Intro to the Calculus
MUSI-111-01 Introduction to Music
ENGL-282-01 Knowing Television
FAMS-215-01 Knowing Television
LJST-382-01 Law, Religion & Politics
MATH-271-01 Linear Algebra
MATH-271-02 Linear Algebra
LLAS-301-01 Literature and Culture
SPAN-301-01 Literature and Culture
ENGL-170-01 Making Arguments
MATH-220-01 Mathematical Reasoning
PHYS-116-01 Mechanics
ANTH-245-01 Medical Anthropology
AMST-345-01 Model Minorities
SOCI-345-01 Model Minorities
MATH-211-02 Multivariable Calculus
PSYC-366-01 Music Cognition
PHIL-111-01 Philosophical Questions
HIST-361-01 Political Warfare
NEUR-325-01 Psychopharmacology
PSYC-325-01 Psychopharmacology
ENGL-250-01 Reading the Novel
ENGL-120-01 Reading/Writing/Teaching
ARCH-220-01 Reinventing Tokyo
ASLC-220-01 Reinventing Tokyo
PSYC-220-01 Social Psychology
ARCH-105-01 Space and Design
ARHA-105-01 Space and Design
SPAN-102-01 Spanish II
SPAN-201-01 Spanish III
SPAN-202-01 Spanish IV
POSC-344-01 Tech & National Security
ARHA-224-01 Translating Nature
ARHA-221-01 Video Production
FAMS-221-01 Video Production