Second Round Registration FAQs

FAQ’s for Second Round Pre-Registration Program:

1)      What do I do if I want to save seats for particular students?

  1. Faculty with capped courses who wish to hold seats beyond second round registration (e.g. first year students, etc.) may do so by converting their course to Instructor Permission.  This designation is approved by the CEP (Committee on Educational Policy) and must be done BEFORE the first day of advising week each semester by emailing Nancy Ratner at or the Registrar's Office at to reopen the course editing tool.
  2. Instructor Permission is managed in Workday.  Instructors will have to give students permission in Workday in order to register for the course.  If you want to wait to give permission to students until add/drop that is your choice.  Any student on your roster at the end of the second round will be guaranteed that seat so long as they meet the pre-requisites for your course and attend the first day of class during add/drop.

2)      Can I reverse my decision for Instructor Permission courses? 

  1. Once the instructor denies or approves a request for permission, this cannot be undone in Workday.  This should only be rescinded for the following reasons: 

                   i.      An entry error, contact the Registrar immediately to correct. 

                   ii.      If the student does not register for the course by the end of the second round registration period.    Contact the Registrar’s office before First Year Orientation in August.

3)      Are students guaranteed seats in my course?

  1. Any Amherst College student registered for your course in Workday by the end of the second round of registration is guaranteed a seat in your course (barring unforeseen issues with classroom availability or equipment ), if the following conditions are met:

                     i.      The student meets all pre-requisites

                    ii.      The student attend the first class during add/drop.

4)      What should the department do if we have a visitor of a capped or Instructor Permission Course who has not been officially hired by the college during pre-registration/Second Round or doesn’t have access to Workday during pre-registration/second round?

  1. If the courses is capped: ADCs may send the visitor the list of students on the roster the first day of “Roster Management Week” and the visitor can email with their list of drops. The Registrar will drop students from the roster for the visitor. 
  2. If the course is Instructor Permission:

                       i.      The Visitor may give permission during add/drop or

                       ii.      Contact the Registrar to add the Chair of the Department to the course temporarily for the purposed of pre-registration and manage the Workday permissions for students.  The Chair’s name would be removed when the visitor is hired.  ADCs should monitor these changes with the Registrar’s office.

5)      Will students have to come back to the advisor for approval for Second Round Registration?

  1. Permissions given by advisors will remain through the Second Round Registration Week.  Advisors should approve additional courses should students be cut from courses during Roster Management Week. 

6)      What should a department do when they have a course “pending faculty approval” after Pre-registration Week or Roster Management Week but before Second Round Registration Week?

  1. If the course is approved for Instructor Permission, see question 4 above.
  2. If the course is capped, students will be allowed to enroll up to the cap.  Once the course meets the cap any student who is not registered in Workday but has the course listed on the saved schedule in Workday will show up as a petitioner in MOODLE.  During add/drop any student who doesn’t show up the first day (or is not excused via the Class Dean) may be dropped to allow others in the course.  Email registrar at for assistance with roster.

7)      What is the role of Five College Students?

  1. Five College students will participate in the pre-registration process.
  2. Following the second round of registration, Five College students remaining on the roster will not be guaranteed enrollment.