Please note that in order to facilitate submission of forms we have outlined the following processes:

Major Declaration/Drop and Change of Advisor Form

In order to submit a Declaration of Major form, please fill out the form above and submit via email to the chair(s) of the department(s) in which you hope to declare and cc the Registrar's office ( If your request is approved, the chair should 'reply all' and indicate who your new advisor will be. The registrar's office will then check in with your current advisor and finish the declaration process once all permissions have been received. If you wish to drop a major, please forward the form to the chair of the department you are dropping and cc the Registrar's office. The chair should 'reply all' and confirm that you have dropped the major. 

Registration Options Permission Form (5 courses, 2 special topics, etc.)

In order to submit a Registration Options Permission Form, please fill out the above form and submit via email to your advisor(s). Once you have heard back from your advisors, please forward the email(s) with the attached form to Your request will then be forwarded to your class dean. If your request is approved, it will be returned to the Registrar's office from the Office of Student Affairs and your permission will be entered into the system. You can check when your form has been processed by checking "Step 5 Registration Restrictions" on ACData. 

We suggest the following forms be submitted during Add/Drop in Fall semester: 

Five College Permission Form

Course Audit Form

Special Topics Form