Completion of Work and Policy on Extensions

Examinations are held at the end of each semester and at intervals during the year in many courses. At the end of each semester, final grades are reported and the record for the semesters is closed. In conformity with the practice established by the faculty, no extension of time is allowed for intraterm papers, examinations and laboratory or other course work beyond the date of the last scheduled class period of the semester, unless an extension is granted in writing by both the instructor and the class dean.  Students will not be allowed to register or participate in add/drop for the subsequent term until all grades from their last semester are recorded by the Registrar.

A student who cannot attend a final examination may be granted the privilege of a make-up examination by the instructor in consultation with the class dean, who will arrange the date of the examination with the instructor.

A final examination may be postponed only by the approve of the instructor and class dean.

Extensions may be granted beyond the final examination period with approval of the instructor and the class dean.  In such cases the instructor must submit a request for extention to the Office of Student Affairs by the end-of-semester grading deadline.  The request shall indicate the extension deadline and default grade, which the Registrar records only if the instructor does not submit a final grade by the extension deadline.  The Registrar shall record the incomplete notation ā€œIā€ during the extension.  

(New policy passed 4/4/17.)