1. At the end of the semester there will be scheduled a five day examination period (including Sunday). An instructor may choose to:

a) Hold no final examination.

b) Provide the student with a copy of the final examination before the beginning of the examination period, to be taken at any time during the examination period according to the procedure outlined by the instructor; ("take-home examination").

c) Provide in a supplied envelope, an examination of two or three hours in length which will be made available at a designated examination center, the selection of the particular time period (9:00 AM or 2:00 PM) being left to the discretion of the individual student; ("student self-scheduled examination").

d) Hold an examination during a specific, scheduled session. Examinations to be given in this manner will be scheduled by the Registrar as to room and time; ("single-session examination").

2. Examinations in all courses must be completed by 5 p.m. on the last day of the examination period. Each student shall be responsible for completing their examinations and returning them in the manner prescribed within the designated time periods.

3. Members of the Faculty will inform the Registrar, upon his request, of the manner in which they intend to conduct their final examinations. The Registrar will then designate examination centers for each course holding examinations under option 1 (c) and schedule those being held under option 1(d). He will provide students and instructors with a list showing for each course the manner in which the examination is to be conducted, the date by which examinations must be completed, the days and times for examination sessions, and when pertinent, the examination center in which the examination will be conducted.

4. Faculty members will submit their grades to the Registrar by the agreed date. (Any extensions are to follow the procedures designated by Faculty vote.)

5. Prior to each examination period the student members of the Committee on Educational Policy and of the Judicial Board will arrange to remind each student that examinations are covered by the Amherst College Honor Code and will explain the manner in which it applies to these examination procedures.

6. A student who is prevented by illness from completing a final examination within the examination period may be granted the privilege of a special examination by the Dean of Students, who will arrange the date of the examination with the teacher.

7. A student who without an excuse from the Dean of Students fails to take a final examination shall receive a grade of "F" on the examination.

Revised by the Faculty, March 6, 1990