Handling Instructor Permission Requests

If you teach a course that requires instructor permission you will need to use ACDATA to electronically grant  permission to students. 

Students will request course permissions through the online registration program. 

You will receive a notice of this request the following day by email telling you to check your requests on ACData.  Respond by either accepting or denying enrollment.  See steps below.

Students will then be able to add the class if you accept their request.

Permission Requests Step-by-Step

  1. Log into ACDATA and access the Faculty menu.
  2. In the My Information area, click the Permission Requests link.
    The page has three tables. The first contains information on the courses you are teaching this semester, the second lists requests you haven't yet dealt with (Pending Requests); and the third contains requests you've already answered (Approved/Denied Requests). To approve or deny a permission request from a particular student in the Pending Requests table:
  3. Locate the student's request.
  4. In the associated Approve/Deny column, select either Approve or Deny, then click Submit.

You can Approve and/or Deny multiple requests at a time.

The student receives an email notification of your action as soon as you press Submit. If you deny a request, the course is automatically deleted from the student's Preferred Courses page.