If a course requires the permission of the instructor, you must obtain such permission electronically before you can register for the course.

If any of the courses on your Preferred Courses page in ACDATA has the notation "Permission Required" in the Comments column, then you need to get instructor permission before you can register.


In the example above, BIOL-331 requires instructor permission.

You should contact the instructor to request permission. Once you've obtained permission you must then send the electronic request to confirm it.

To send the electronic request go to your Instructor Permissions page in ACDATA. (From the Student menu, click the Registration link, then click Step #3. Instructor Permissions) There you'll see the courses listed that require instructor permission.

To send the electronic request, put a check mark next to the course name, include a remark such as "We talked about this today," and click Submit.


While you're waiting for the instructor's response, your Instructor Permissions page will look like this:


Instructors are notified overnight if they have any pending requests, so you'll likely have a response within 24 hours. When the instructor responds, you will receive an email telling you whether your request was approved or denied. Your Instructor Permissions page will also update with this information. If your request was denied, the course will be deleted automatically from your Preferred Courses list.

If an instructor denies your request by accident, the instructor should contact the Registrar's office to fix the mistake.