Academic Calendar

Approved Course Times – guidelines set by the faculty and confirmed by the CEP

Campus Planning Interface – program for updating course titles, instructors, times, room requests

Classroom Assistant Request Form-Use for Teaching Assistant and Course Coordinator access to Moodle.

Classroom Media & Pictures-a guide to classrooms with pictures and notation of available media

Course Scheduler-Lyle McGeoch's planning tool for the course schedule

Course Catalog Editing Tool

Course Catalog Editing Tool Information-a quick guide to using the catalog editor

CPI Instructions-A detailed guide on how to use the CPI to imput class times and room preferences.

Department Chairs Calendar from DoF – this includes course development deadlines and suggestions by the Dean of the Faculty

Final Exam Information – this includes information regarding requesting/making accommodations for students with special needs

Registrar Forms – including “Declaration of Major/Change of Advisor,” “Special Topics,” “Permission for more than 4.5 classes,” etc.

Thesis Guidelines – this includes the link for electronic thesis submission