Addy Free


Stacey A. Cooney 

Academic Records Assistant

Assists on Workday Student implementation.

Prizes- Collects information and processes prizes for College Meeting and Senior Assembly. Schedules prize committee meetings.  

Course Catalog- Maintains and edits academic information in the course catalog both online and in printed form. Maintains lists for Offer/Drop. Editor of Course Catalog course information. 

Course Listings- Creates listing of courses from information provided from course catalog. 

Schedule- Works with academic departments to create schedule of courses and times for display online. 

Registration- Aids in the registration process and questions from faculty, students, and advisors.

Five College Interchange- Registers five college students for courses at Amherst College.

Audit Requests- Enters information for course auditors.

Classroom Assistant Requests- answers questions about  TAs, Course Coordinators, etc.

Student Holds- Maintains and tracks student holds.

Historical research- Answer queries from community on historical information maintained by registrar's office.

Backup for Student Services Assistant

Emily Ferraro

Associate Registrar

Assists on Workday Student implementation.

Lillian Mosgofian

Associate Registrar

Five-College Interchange- Reviews courses for awarding of credit, aids with interchange paperwork. 

Classroom Assignments- Creates the classroom schedule for each semester, determining where each class will be held. Adds classroom information to online listings.

Classroom Reservations for 8:30-4:00 Mon-Fri (Academic Year Only). Reservations may be requested through virtual EMS.

Final Exam Schedule- Creates and publishes the final exam schedule each semester.

Study Abroad Evaluations and Transfer credit- Reviews study abroad courses for content and credit. Records study abroad courses on student records.

Incomplete and Missing grades- Tracks and follows up on Incomplete and Missing grades.  

Honors grading- Polls departments and enters "Y" grades for first semester honors courses.

Diplomas- Prints and processes replacement diplomas. 

Registration- Aids in the registration process and questions from faculty, students, and advisors.

Student Status- Updates student status information (withdrawal, ed leave, etc.)

Student Holds- Maintain and track student holds.

Matthew Smith

Student Services Assistant

Transcripts- Processes transcript requests for both paper and electronic transcripts.

Certifications- Processes student certifications of attendence, certification of degree, letters for DMV and other institutions. Also processes enrollment requests via National Student Clearinghouse.

Apostilles- Processes Apostille requests for students living abroad.

Student Addresses- Updates student address information.

Major Declarations- Maintains student major information.

Registration-Aids in the registration process and questions from faculty, students, and advisors.

Pass/Fail- Maintains and enters pass/fail information for students.

Five College Interchange- Maintains records of student interchange requests, processes Amherst student requests for courses at the other colleges.

Degree Audit Sheets and Thesis Advisors- Maintains and disseminates Degree Audit and Thesis Advisor information via Google Docs. 

Student Holds- Maintain and track student holds.