Caroline Theoharides, assistant professor of Economics, teaches The Economics of Migration

In the summer of 2020, students assisted Professor Caroline Theoharides (above) in analyzing data from a large randomized control trial that she ran in the Philippines to examine whether perceptions of child labor changed in response to an experiment.

Gregory Call

Gregory S. Call is the Peter R. Pouncey Professor of Mathematics.

Gregory S. Call Academic Interns work closely with Amherst College faculty on original research. Students conduct literature searches, do archival work, pull together information or materials needed to develop new courses, and record and analyze data from experiments or surveys.

In 2020, 106 students received funding through this program during the summer, and another 100 will receive funding each semester during the academic year.

Academic departments often fund additional student interns.

Internships are available both during the academic year and over the summer.