Research in chemical, biomedical, or life sciences

Do you aspire to a career conducting groundbreaking research in the chemical, biomedical or life sciences? If so, you could be a candidate for Amherst’s Beckman Scholars Program. As a Beckman Scholar, you will collaborate with one of Amherst’s Beckman mentors and receive financial support for your independent research; special opportunities to present and publish your research findings and meet with research scientists; and intensive career advising.

As a Beckman Scholar, you will receive $18,000 for research stipends (over 2 summers and 1 academic year) and $2,800 for travel expenses. You will work on your honors research project with your faculty mentor in the summer before your senior year, during your senior (academic) year, and the summer after graduation. 

The application deadline for applying to the Beckman Scholars Program is April 5, 2020. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Juniors majoring in biology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, or neuroscience, who plan to enroll in a Ph.D., MD, or combined Ph.D./M.D. program after graduation. To be eligible, you need to be planning to complete an honors thesis, be a U.S. citizen/resident, and have a GPA at or above 3.67. 

Who are Amherst’s Beckman Mentors?

  • Chemistry: & Biochemistry/Biophysics: Anthony Bishop, Ashley Carter, Sheila Jaswal, Helen Leung, Mark Marshall
  • Biology: Jill Miller,  Michael Hood
  • Neuroscience: Joe Trapani

How do I apply?

Apply through the Amherst online application portal (look for the Beckman Scholars Program). You will need to supply a:

  1. research proposal; you are strongly encouraged to collaborate with one of the Beckman mentors to develop your research proposal
  2. academic transcript;
  3. CV; and
  4. personal statement describing your reasons for pursuing a career in the sciences, and previous research experiences.  Before composing a personal statement, we encourage you to read this info on Arnold O. Beckman’s legacy.