Arnold O. Beckman Legacy

"I have done more for science in general by making instruments available for thousands to use than what I could do in my laboratory by myself." Arnold O. Beckman, PhD

Arnold Beckman

Dr. Beckman always considered the greater good, whether it was through his scientific innovations, business dealings, or personal relationships. The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation holds steadfast to the directives of Dr. Beckman and his wife Mabel, his values, and the mission of the Foundation. Dr. Beckman believed strongly in reinvesting in science and research, supporting the up and coming scientists and looking for the future "Arnold Beckmans" of the world. In turn, the Foundation tasks each recipient of an Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation award to employ a similar "pay it forward" philosophy by promoting the legacy of Dr. Beckman, his values, and his scientific contributions through their interactions in the scientific community and the world.

Award recipients fulfill this task by serving as Dr. Arnold O. Beckman's living legacy and, as a means of continuing Dr. Beckman's mission for the sciences, recipients with demonstrated expertise in their area of research are called upon to serve on review committees and panels, lending their scientific expertise to the further development and evolution of the Programs supported by the Foundation. 

Arnold Beckman's Rules for Success:

  • Absolute integrity at all times
  • There is no satisfactory substitute for excellence
  • Everything in moderation...including moderation itself
  • Only by taking risks do you make progress
  • Never do anything to harm others
  • Never do anything for which you will be ashamed later
  • Don't take yourself too seriously