A group of students walking across the Amherst College quad

Alums of the Summer Bridge program are invited to apply to become a Residential Tutor with the Summer Bridge program after their first, second, or third years of college.

The primary responsibilities of RTs include:

  1. supporting Summer Bridge students in the dorm by organizing and implementing social activities.
  2. attending classes and working with faculty to support students academically.
  3. holding mentor meetings with students on a weekly basis.
  4. attending daily program lunches.
  5. holding study sessions in the evenings.
  6. meeting regularly with program directors.

Summer Bridge is a chance to understand the flow and set-up of how your time at Amherst will be! Think of it as dipping your feet in the water before diving in. It is a chance to try classes, meet people and professors, and get used to the college campus!” —Axel Agbenyegah ’26

Residential Tutors must attend a 10-hour training before the start of Summer Bridge, which prepares them to provide academic and mentoring support to students. It occurs partially asynchronously online and in-person the two or three days before the program begins. RTs must commit to being present for the entirety of the Summer Bridge program as well as the training.

Past Summer Bridge students will be invited to apply to become RTs in December or January, and they can expect to:

  • Fill out a Google Form to explain their interest in, and prior preparation for, the role.
  • Provide two references (just names and emails; letters are not required).

Being on campus early gave me a sense of community, the academic work, and what college life is like. Summer Bridge allowed me to connect with people who are now my closest friends, as well as convinced me to run for student government.” —Shane Dillon ’26

Program directors will review applications early in the spring semester. Applicants whose preparation and goals match the program’s will be invited to an interview with Summer Bridge directors. Usually, six RTs will be hired at the end of the interview process. RTs will be provided transportation to campus, housing, meals, and a generous stipend. The Summer Bridge program is usually arranged so that RTs can also participate in either SURF or SBRI opportunities as well; students need not choose between being an RT and participating in a research program at the college.