A woman inspects something caught on barbed wire outdoors

Hitchcock Fellowship

Amherst College’s Hitchcock Fellowships are awarded to students who conduct laboratory and field research in environmental science by Amherst students. The Edward Hitchcock Fund for Student Research in Environmental Science Fund was established by Alumni donors and the Kresge Foundation and is named in honor of Amherst’s third president, an eminent geologist who introduced earth science to the Amherst curriculum in 1825. 

Mofson Fellowship

The Mofson Fellowships, established in honor of Phyllis Mofson, are awarded to students who show leadership in their commitment to the environment and to scientific research as a means of protecting the natural world.  Phyllis Mofson's career focused on addressing environmental issues and conservation.  Her Ph.D. research focused on the international treaty that prohibits the trade in endangered species, and her published works suggested ways in which nations could improve their participation in this treaty.