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Sweet Briar Junior Year in Spain: Seville

Seville, Spain

Sweet Briar Junior Year in Spain: Seville

Students in the High Intermediate program may not take classes at the University of Seville.  Students in the Advanced program are encouraged to take at least one course at the University.  Amherst students must take at least five courses during the semester.  Amherst credit is NOT awarded for the orientation "course."   Spanish majors must consult with the department for credit in the major.

Language(s) of instruction available: Spanish
Language pre-requisites:

3+ semesters of Spanish or the equivalent for the High Intermediate Program and 5+ semesters or the equivalent for the Advanced Program.

If you need a language assessment/recommendation form as part of the application, contact the Spanish Department.
Academic specialties: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences
Amherst approved: Yes
Student evaluations:
Housing: Homestay
"I feel that I have become so much more independent since studying abroad. Being on your own in another country, another language, is such a unique experience that cannot be duplicated. It forces you to prioritize what you communicate and reconsider the image of yourself that you present to the outside world. You are always forced to think and problem solve in another language, which I really loved. I believe that I gained an entirely new perspective from living in another country. "
-Vanessa Woodard '16

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