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CIEE Prague: Central European Studies

Prague, Czech Republic

CIEE Prague: Central European Studies

Students have the opportunity to take courses taught at or in affiliation with Charles University and FAMU (Film and Television School of the Academy of the Performing Arts).  Only the Central European Studies program is approved for Amherst College credit; the Film Studies track is not approved because the two required core courses do not fall within the liberal arts.

Students must receive credit from Spelman College, the school of record for CIEE.  Students are strongly encouraged to live in the dorms with local students or with a host family.

We expect all students will take a Czech language as one of their courses.

Language(s) of instruction available: English
Academic specialties: Anthropology, Art and the History of Art, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Fine Arts, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Visual Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences
Amherst approved: Yes
Student evaluations:
Housing: Homestay, Apartment with international students, Dorm with local students
"It's hard to describe how much I grew abroad. It was an experience unlike any I had had previously but it was also one of the greatest risks and adventures I have ever had. It was incredible to create a new life in a city where I barely spoke the language. I learned about independence and how to be comfortable in new, uncomfortable situations. Academically, I was challenged to decide what interested me and how to pursue that in my studies and travels."
-Abigail Rose '16

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