Study Abroad

Deadlines & Forms

Submitted by Janna K. Behrens
Intent to Study Abroad
Confirmation to Study Abroad and Waiver of Liability
Study Abroad Application forms
Petitioning a Program

Intent to Study Abroad

If you are considering studying abroad, you must submit the Intent to Study Abroad.  It is not binding, and you may decide to remain at Amherst.  However, you MUST submit this form if you want to study abroad; there are NO exceptions.

Intent to Study Abroad Form Deadlines ( NO exceptions ):

  • MARCH 15, 2014 if you plan to study abroad in Fall 2014 or Year 2014-2015;
  • APRIL 15, 2014 if you plan to study abroad in Spring 2015

In order for your form to be processed, you must declare your major with the Registrar's office first (which may take up to 48 hours to process). 

Confirmation of Study Abroad (or Domestic Study) Plans and Waiver of Liability

The Confirmation and Waiver form is your official communication to the college that you will be studying abroad.  As soon as you have been accepted into your program and you have formally notified them you will be enrolling, you need to submit this form to the Career Center.  It will put you on "educational leave" and notify the relevant departments and offices of your study abroad plans. It is important to list the courses you plan to take on this form, if they are available to you. Failure to submit the Confirmation or sign the Waiver could jeopardize College approval for study abroad, including credit transfer and financial aid.

You need to list the courses you intend to take on the Confirmation form and go over your choices with your faculty adviser.  A copy of this form is sent to the registrar and your adviser; the registrar will contact you if any courses you listed are not liberal arts.  Should you make changes to your course list, please notify the registrar and adviser to be sure you will receive Amherst College credit.  It is your responsibility to communicate any course changes.  

It is necessary that you read the Waiver of Liability in its entirety so that you are aware of the potential risks of study abroad and that you acknowledge all responsibility for the decisions about where and when to travel.  Once you have completed these forms, please submit them to the Career Center. 

Note: If you have difficulty using the Approved Program drop-down menus in the .pdf, make sure you download and use the latest version of Adobe Reader 9. DO NOT fill in programs by hand--please use the menus.

Confirmation to Study Abroad and Domestic Study and Waiver of Liability 2014-15.pdf

For students who are attending a domestic institution, you can complete the same Confirmation and write the name of the institution on the form.
  • Due May 1st for the fall or full year

  • December 1st for the spring semester

Study Abroad Application Approval Forms

Study abroad programs want to know that you are a student in good academic and disciplinary standing.  Most applications, therefore, have an approval form that needs to be completed by the Director of Education Abroad.  (Sometimes called "Dean Certification," "Home School Nomination," or "Advisor Approval" forms.)  Please drop off the form(s) at the Career Center during our business hours or send via campus mail to AC 2210.  Include an addressed, stamped envelope to the admissions office of your study abroad program or indicate to us you would like to come back and pick it up.  Please give us 3-4 business days to complete this form.

Please note: Most study abroad programs require students to be in good academic and disciplinary standing.  If a student applies to a program while in good standing but progresses into a different category, the Director of Education Abroad may be obliged to inform the study abroad program about such a change.

Petitioning a program

Should you want to petition a program not on the approved list, you meet with Dean Janna Behrens to discuss the program of interest and learn about the petitioning process.  Please call x2265 to make an appointment.  The deadlines to petition a program not on the approved programs list are:

  • March 1st of the preceding spring if you are petitioning a program for the Academic Year and Fall  
  • October 1st of the preceding fall for a Spring program