Study Abroad

Domestic Study

Students may receive credit for a semester away at an accredited, four-year institution in the U.S.  (Please note that concurrent with Amherst policy, no credit is awarded for summer programs.)  You must take a full schedule of liberal arts courses that do not duplicate previous coursework taken, and you must receive a C or better for the credit to transfer.  Failure to transfer in a full semester's worth of credit may prevent your readmission to Amherst.

If you are interested in domestic study away, you must submit the Intent to Study Abroad by March 15th for fall or full year study or April 15th for spring study.  You must also submit a Confirmation to Study Away and Waiver of Liability, your official educational leave form, by May 1st for the fall/full year or December 1st for the spring.

When applying as a visiting student, be sure to study for the semester or year ONLY as a visiting student.  You must remain matriculated at Amherst College if you intend to receive transfer credit for your semester or year away and, concurrent with Amherst policy, if you make a full transfer away from the College you are unable to transfer back.

You can find a full list of domestic study programs on the Program List when selecting "United States" in the country search field. More information about each of these programs is on the Program List:

  • 12 College Exchange Program
  • Semester in Environmental Science
  • SEA Semester
  • Dartmouth Dual Degree Engineering Program