Study Abroad

University College London for Neuroscience Majors

London, England

Neuroscience majors at Amherst College have the opportunity to study at the University College London, the oldest and largest institution within the University of London system, which is located in the heart of the city. Neuroscience faculty at Amherst and their colleagues at UCL have pre-selected courses that are appropriate for credit in the Amherst neuroscience major.  Final approval is required by the student’s neuroscience faculty adviser.  Concurrent with Amherst study abroad policy, students must receive a C or better in liberal arts courses not previously taken to receive transfer credit.

UCL is on the trimester system. Amherst students may study for the full academic year or the two spring terms. Students studying at UCL for the full year students may expect to receive eight Amherst credits; spring students would receive four Amherst credits.  Interested students should consult with their neuroscience academic adviser about the different course selection options (see page 2 for sample course pairings).

Program Requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.3
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Consultation with Amherst Neuroscience adviser

Please see the application attachment below (which requires two academic references, a personal statement, and an official transcript you can obtain from the registrar's office).

UCL Neuroscience Application Spring 2015

UCL Neuroscience Application Academic Year 2014-15

  • Academic Year 2014-15 - March 24, 2014 to the Study Abroad Office, College Hall
  • Spring 2015 - Monday September 15, 2014 to the Study Abroad Office

The application, included in the attachment above, is comprised of the UCL "Admission as an Affiliate Student" application, two academic references, a personal statement, and an official transcript.  (Please see the link for more information.)

Language(s) of instruction available: English
Program URL:
Research option: No
Types of accommodation: Dorm with local students, Dorm with international students
Term offered: two spring semesters
Requires petition: No
Major(s): Neuroscience
URL for program evaluations: