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globeUnless it is absolutely impossible, try to study abroad for a year instead of one semestre. The experience is profoundly richer, and your relationship with the people and the place, deeper. One year is shorter than I initially thought, especially because I enjoyed it so much.

Lauren Delapenha 14, Buenos Aires

This page is the gateway to view the list of study abroad programs and foreign universities which the faculty Committee on International Education has approved - or is encouraging students to petition - for Amherst College transfer credit.  When browsing programs, you may wish to read evaluations written by Amherst students who have participated with these programs; they are grouped by country.

Programs approved for credit must have a strong academic curriculum and be run by an experienced administrative staff in the host country.  Programs must also offer substantial opportunities for immersion because, we believe, the most growth - personal, academic, linguistic - comes from as much direct contact with the host culture as possible. Therefore, we have selected programs for the approved list that reflect our expectations, which are below:

  • The curriculum is appropriate for the liberal arts.
  • The majority of the semester or year is spent in one country.
  • The program offers substantial opportunities for immersion.  For example, the majority of faculty are drawn from local institutions and organizations.  Living arrangements are with host families, dorms with local students, or dorms with other international students.  Living with other Americans is strongly discouraged, but possible if there is a compelling reason.  Extra-curricular activities at the host university or in the community must be available for program participants.
  • If the program is in a country where there is at least one non-English language spoken, students are expected to take one language course (at a minimum).
  • Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the policies for academic credit and information about transcripts from study abroad.
  • Please note: no credit is awarded for orientation courses/programs.

Students interested in programs that do not meet these expectations may petition the Committee on International Education. 

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