Awards based solely on academic merit:

  • The Lloyd I. Rosenblum Memorial Fellowship – botany or biology in the first year of graduate study
  • The Rufus B. Kellogg University Fellowship – for candidates with the very highest academic merit who will pursue a program at least three years in duration (typically a doctoral program). During the current application year (2019-2020), one “open” Kellogg will be awarded to a candidate pursuing a degree at any university (~$30,000). In 2021 one open Kellogg will be offered and one additional Kellogg will be offered to a candidate pursuing a degree at a German university (~$20,000). In 2022 one open Kellogg will again be offered. While Kellogg awards are renewable for up to three years, the candidate must re-apply each year. If any applicant has already received any ACF funding, they are ineligible for the Kellogg since they have already used part of their potential three years of funding.

Awards intended for specific universities or locations: 

  • The Evan Carroll Commager Fellowship – for study in the UK with a preference for Cambridge University
  • The John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship – study in any field at Oxford, Cambridge, or the Sorbonne

Awards for specific fields of study:

  • The John Mason Clarke 1877 Fellowship - paleontology and geology
  • The Henry P. Field Fellowships - English and history
  • The Warner Gardner Fletcher Fellowship – education
  • Seth E. Frank ’55 Fellowship – international relations
  • The Roswell Dwight Hitchcock Memorial Fellowship – history or economics 
  • The Sterling Lamprecht Fellowships –philosophy
  • The Forris Jewett Moore Fellowships – chemistry, history, philosophy
  • The George Stebbins Moses Memorial Fellowship – divinity school
  • The Charles B. Rugg Fellowship - law
  • The John Woodruff Simpson Fellowships – law, medicine, theology, teaching preparation at any university
  • The Benjamin Goodall Symon, Jr., Memorial Fellowship – divinity school

Awards with no or few restrictions as to field of study

  • C. Scott Porter Memorial Fund – no restrictions
  • The Amherst Memorial Fellowships - primarily for study of social, economic, or political institutions and preparation for teaching and the ministry
  • The George A. Plimpton Fellowship – to academically outstanding seniors – no stipend

Awards for training in the performing arts:

  • The Edward Poole Lay Fellowship – music, especially voice, then instrumental; secondarily dramatic arts
  • The Roland Wood Fellowship – theatre and dance