Application opens: DEC 15, 2021
Academic Application Deadline: FEB 10, 2022
Financial Forms & Recommendations deadline: FEB 17, 2022

Before you start, read the Amherst College Fellowships Overview, which describes the funding sources, eligibility rules, application process, timeline, and advice for recommenders.

Applying for AC Fellowships is a two-stage process, and materials are submitted through two portals.

To submit all application materials, applicants must have an Amherst College login username. If you have forgotten your password or login username, follow the prompts on the login page to retrieve or reset this information. 

Academic Application - due on FEB 10th

Open the academic application in the AC Student & Postgraduate Application portal any time after DEC 15th. The application will allow to you save and return, but you must complete one section before proceeding to the next. Once you have completed all pages, you will be able to move back and forth between them to continue editing until you press the submit button at the end. Once you sign and submit your application on February 10th, you will still be able to view it, delete or upload documents, re-send requests for recommendations, and save or print a PDF copy up until FEB 17th. Be sure to save a copy for your own records. Once you submit, you will see a confirmation of submission from the system.

Information you will enter: Your name and email will automatically populate those fields; you will enter additional contact information including a current, non-Amherst email address; answer questions regarding your undergraduate study and intentions for current or future graduate study; and indicate whether you are a first-time applicant or are seeking to be awarded again.

Documents you upload or request by Feb. 10th:

Statement of Purpose: (500 words maximum, 1.0 spacing, Times New Roman, 11 pt font)
 - First time grad study: describe your career goals and how they relate to your specific plan for graduate study
 - Grad Study renewals: describe current academic pursuits, progress or changes since your last application.
 - Independent Training in Performing Arts applicants: describe in detail your goals, planned lessons/training you will undertake, and timeline and how it fits with your overall goal for future career
Resume/CV: may be up to two pages, no smaller than 11 pt font
Recommendations: solicit recommendations before February 10th and enter contacts in the portal (see below for more)
Budget (for non-degree, independent training in performing arts applicants only) - download and complete this document, turn into pdf, and upload to application portal 
Transcripts: you must upload unprotected pdfs; secure electronic versions make your entire application unreadable for reviewers. Please scan hard copies to create pdfs and upload those. Many smartphones now have a scan function that works well if you don't have access to a scanner.

  • Graduate Study: if currently enrolled in graduate school, upload a pdf of your official graduate school transcript. Please make sure to include your institution's rubric which explains the credit and grading system used. The rubric is typically on the reverse side of the transcript. 
  • Amherst College: required; pdf of your most recent official or unofficial transcript
  • Study Abroad: Study abroad grades do not appear on AC transcripts. If you studied abroad in college, upload a pdf of the official study abroad transcript. Please make sure to include the rubric which explains the credit and grading system used. The rubric is typically on the reverse side of the transcript.
  • Transfer institution: Transfer grades do not appear on AC transcripts. If you transferred to Amherst from another institution, upload a pdf of an official transcript from that institution. If you are re-applying and have submitted this before, you do not need to submit it again. Please make sure to include your institution's rubric which explains the credit and grading system used. The rubric is typically on the reverse side of the transcript.
  • Other: Upload any additional transcripts

Sign and submit your application no later than Feb 10th. If you are still awaiting some transcripts, you will be able to upload them until Feb 17th, but please submit your application by the 10th regardless. Please note that the application system is not able to send submission confirmation emails, for your application or for individual uploads. We will contact you if anything is missing or if you appear to have forgotten to submit your application.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting your application, be sure you have disabled all security protections on your transcripts. This can be done most easily by printing, scanning and then uploading the transcript. Your application cannot be made into a PDF if these protections are not disabled. If your application cannot be made into a PDF, we will not be able to present it to the faculty committee and you will not be considered.

Financial Forms & Recommendations - due by FEB 17th:

You will request from one to three letters of recommendation, depending on whether you are a graduating senior, an alum applying for the first time, or a second/third time applicant. Letters should be from faculty equipped to comment on your ability to successfully pursue graduate study or, in the case of some theater/music/dance applicants, faculty or instructors who can comment on your intended independent training/study. For graduate study recommendations, the letters may be the very same ones sent to the graduate schools. In the portal, you will enter the following information for each recommender: Name/Title; Phone; Email; Post address; Relationship to you. You can then hit the "send request" button, and an email will be sent to them with a message requesting their recommendation letter and a link that will enable them to upload it to the application portal. Please contact potential recommenders directly, before submitting this request, to explain your goals and to ask if they are willing to recommend you.  Send them the link to the AC Fellowships Overview page, which includes information for recommenders at the bottom of the page. Note that recommenders often require a minimum of 2-3 weeks notice in order to complete a letter before the deadline.  See the following to determine how many recommendations you must request:

  • Applicants who are current AC students graduating in December or May of the current academic year - request 2 letters from Amherst faculty
  • Alums applying for the first time - request 3 letters. At least one should be from an Amherst faculty member: the second should be from either another faculty member at Amherst or, if you are in graduate school already, a faculty member at the graduate institution; the third may be from a faculty member, a work/internship supervisor, or another individual (not friends or family) who can speak to your activities since graduation and your potential for success in graduate school.
  • Alums seeking to renew a prior award - request 1 letter from a graduate school faculty member
  • Alums reapplying after resigning, or reapplying after an unsuccessful application - request 1 letter from a graduate school faculty member, a work/internship supervisor, or another individual (not friends or family) who can speak to your activities since graduation and potential for success in graduate school. We will supply the letters of recommendation from your previous application(s) to the committee.
  • Medical School Applicants: You may request that your Committee Letter Packet be uploaded from the office of Health Professions Advisor Dean Aronson. Please contact their office via Rebecca Tishler to submit recommendation requests. If you are an alum who needs three letters (as outlined above), one letter must address your activities since graduating. If your Health Professions Committee Letter packet includes a letter addressing this, no additional letter is needed. If no letter in the packet addresses activities since graduation, enter a second recommender. Note that all of the letters that make up your HPC committee packet (Committee letter as well as all faculty/outside letters) will be included.
Financial Forms

Applicants who wish to be considered for any and all funding options must supply financial information as evidence of need. Need is determined on the basis of the applicant's resources as well as those of their spouse and parents (when applicable). Although an applicant may not be receiving assistance from their parents for graduate school, the need determination is based upon the potential capacity of parents to assist with expenses. All applicants seeking need consideration must submit both forms below unless they are 25 or older (as of FEB 10th in the year of application), married, or have dependent children. Applicants 25 or older, or who are married or have children need only provide their own financial information, and that of spouses if applicable.

Applicants who wish to be considered only for academic merit fellowships need not supply financial information. These include the Kellogg, the Rosenblum, and the Plimpton (which has no stipend). Candidates for the Kellogg must be applying to a 3-year (or longer) program, and have exceptional academic merit. Candidates for the Rosenblum must be in their first year of study of botany or biology. See the AC Fellowships Overview for a further description of these funds.

Below please find two forms that you and (if applicable) your parents will use to submit the financial information necessary to apply for ACF funds that consider financial need. You will need to log in to complete the applicant financial form, however, no login is required for the parent form. The applicant form will not submit if it is incomplete. Both forms will provide a confirmation message when they are submitted and it is safe to close them after you receive it. Both forms are due on February 17th.

Applicant Financial Information Form

Parents'/Parent's Financial Information Form  

If you have any issues submitting your financial forms, or have any questions about the forms please contact Christine Overstreet

Have questions? Please contact us.

Christine Overstreet, Director of Fellowships
212 Converse Hall

Eric Myers, Associate Director of Fellowships

Mailing address: Office of Fellowships, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002

On-Campus Mailing Address: AC # 2214