Interested in applying for a national fellowship?

The first step is to learn about the purpose of National Fellowships and Scholarships and the kinds of candidates they seek. Next, review Fellowships at a Glance to learn about individual awards and consider whether any match your interests and qualifications. Then, if you think you would like to apply for one or more, contact the Director of Fellowships to set up an appointment. She will talk with you about your goals and interests, help you assess your candidacy, and guide you throughout the application process.

What is that process?

Applicants for these awards complete a initial application which may be the same as the foundation application or a modified version of it. This includes components such as transcripts, personal statements and research or project proposals, recommendation letters, resume/CV, and an interview. Once you complete the initial application and submit it, the Faculty Committee on Student Fellowships will interview you and make an endorsement decision. They base their decisions on the materials you submit and the guidelines set by the foundations. It is important to understand that not all candidates are endorsed, as sometimes there is a limit on the number Amherst may nominate, and sometimes the Committee judges an applicant's materials to be not yet worthy of endorsement. The Director notifies each candidate via email of the Committee's decision. Endorsed candidates then submit a final application to the foundations, with continued support and guidance from the Director of Fellowships.

National fellowship and scholarships are highly competitive. If you do not find an award our office administers that fits you, be assured that there are many direct-apply options that offer great experiences and funding but do not require an institutional endorsement. The Career Center and the Center for Community Engagement can guide you toward opportunities such as these.

Have questions? Please contact us.

Christine Overstreet, Director of Fellowships
212 Converse Hall

Eric Myers, Associate Director of Fellowships

Mailing address: Office of Fellowships, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002

On-Campus Mailing Address: AC # 2214